Cancellation of reservation 3066107376, 2577940389, 3936863371, 2835386160

Dear Booking,

I am new at booking and the very next morning after the listing a had four reservations. The prices set by me vere average prices and not precisec for the different periods of months. Therefore I have to cancel them.

Yesterday, 24.06.2023 I received an Agreement with me but my name as an owner is wrong. I haven't signed it yet, I didn't provide bank account, I can not see the precentages of your commision and in general I do not agree with the clauses.

Please advice the easiest way for both parties to cancel this four reservation and only after that happened I will provide you the bank account and the contact person who to be the right partner of the agreement.

The telefone number provided by you +359 2 4253737 is blocked automatically.

Please replay as soon as possible.

Best regards,