Hi All,

I'm new to Booking.com with my holiday apartments. I've got a reasonable amount of booking for the European summer, but have found that quite a few cancellations are coming through. Just want to know if this is normal for summer holiday destinations? Do people book way ahead and then cancel because there is free cancellation? I have changed the cancellation policy on my account. Not sure whats the best way to handle this.




Relaxvilla560 5 years ago

Hi Stepahnie,

I am also new on Booking.com. What I find is that the guests are booking our place, however Booking.com keeps sending them emails about free cancellations and cheaper properties in area etc. I have personally book other properties and the tonne loads of emails I get to cancel for free and about other rates going down in area etc. I think this is very bad for business and reflects poorly on bookers when it is booking.com that is creating these problems by allowing guests to cancel because another booker just offered a cheaper rate.

Also, when guest book it is expected that their card be charged based on cancellation or payment policy. However, sometimes the guest cancelled or no-showed after making reservation well in advance (several months), I think in this case booking.com should allow bookers to be able to retrieve card details again up to three days after a no-show or cancellation to allow bookers to collect fees.



Niamh Tierney Grange 4 years ago

I have found it almost impossible to run a small business with the level of cancellations coming from Booking.com. I have been left high and dry on numerous occasions and now only have a

“no cancellation policy”.

my bookings have almost dried up but thankfully am almost 100%booked with Airbnb where this is hardly ever an issue. If it does I find that Airbnb are far more sympathetic and will do their best to get a rebooking.


Mspeirs 4 years ago

I am finding the same thing. 50% of my bookings via booking.com are cancelling.. I'm considering moving to no cancellation policy... however I'm finding that I can flush out the cancellations a month early by messaging them about their check in times. These messages often seem to stimulate the guests to make a decision either way. If the space opens up a month early this enables me to find another booking.

BARIDI VILLA 3 years ago

Even if you apply cancellation policy stick booking.com wont help.  First time we joined booking.com we received too many cancellation and when we reported the issue we were advised by booking.com to apply credit card on booking and cancellation fee. After the setup is done we continue receiving cancellation even last minute cancellation and No-Show! As per policy we are suppose to charge the guest. Unfortunately we were  not able to see guest credit card, booking.com provided the credit card detail so we can charge. 

We found the card was not valid and we ended up receive reply from booking.com say they can not help us on this.

At the end we were invoiced on NO-SHOW booking that we fail to get valid credit card.


Unhappy with booking.com