cannot add The Fine Print

Hi partners.  I cannot even send a help request to booking.com as it says there is a problem.  I cannot edit the fine print, not even check one of the pre made options, and I am also battling with rates.  I can sleep 9 in the home, and my rates chart only shows 8 people, and the 9th shows standard fare, so I already have a booking, and the rate incoming is all wrong.  What do I do ??  Thanks so much.  Kim, Johannesburg

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi Kim!

Thanks for asking.

It can be a challenging path to get everything working well on the Booking.com platform, even without technical glitches. Once everything is set up correctly though, it becomes a beautiful balancing act.

My suggestion is, and this is my go to response, Phone a human. Because a human will help you immediately and listen to what you need the platform to do. So make a cup of coffee, have your list of questions and requirements ready and give them a call.

You can find the number on your Extranet -> Inbox -> Booking.com messages. Scroll down and it will be to your right.

Best of luck!