Can't find the "Open/Bookable" button, did all that is needed including the location verification

I have followed all steps on the topic of preparing the property for active booking including location verification, rate plans, calendar availability, all of the general info about the property and finance tab.

I still can not find the "Open and Bookable" button that there should be apparently.

It even says on the calendar that the rooms are "Bookable"...

What am I missing out? Where should this button be?

Please somebody help, I've been trying to get this sorted for the entire past week.

Faith Stadhouer 3 years ago

Good day Hugo

Did you go to the app? If not then do so. 1. After open the app then go to availability and click on there.  2. Go to edit multiple dates. 3. Then go to open and close rooms. 4. Select your dates you want to open and then safe by clicking on the arrow top right to save.

I hope this will help if it was what you couldn't find. 

Wishing you and fam a blessed Good Friday. 

Kind regards


Hugo Smeh 3 years ago

As i said, i did all of the calendar avaliability work... rooms are open and bookable. The property as a whole is not however.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi! Hugo and welcome to the partner Community.

Has your property being verified???

If yes why dont you call your local booking.com office and ask them to support you....

Wish you a great start....


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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear Hugo, 

Please remember to edit your Community profile...add photo...add your property link....so partners can have a look at your property and give you suggerstions...

Wish you well.

BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi All, and Hugo


First please confirm:


When you logon to https://admin.booking.com/ aka Extranet,

and finish logon and land on the first page aka Extranet Home page, 

here is where you will see it or the inverse.


By default the status is always located on this page directly above the Reservation Overview heading and to the right of your property name.


Typically it is in Green Box with White text as Open / Bookable.  

If it has not be activated i.e. you forgot to click Go Live after location verify code added then that will be why.



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