cant get room online

cant get rooms online

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Bandara Hotels… 4 years ago

Is there any error message? If yes what is it.


Have you make sure all setup are correct, close sell, allotment, restriction (minimum nights), etc.

4 years ago

Hello dariusz salwa! Thanks for your post.

If your property is not live and bookable on Booking.com website yet, it may be because Booking.com still needs to verify the location of your property.

If you’ve recently signed up to Booking.com, use your login details to check your sign-up status in the ‘Home’ tab of your extranet.

If you’re already working with Booking.com, check these tips https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/working-booking/why-my-property-not-online-and-bookable

All the best!