Can't see my property on booking web site for customers

Just joined and cannot see my property on booking web site for customers?

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there!

Thanks for asking. I have a question regarding the "Just joined" part. Are we talking 1 month ago or 1 week ago?

Remember the property needs to be verified and that process can take quite a while (Not a couple of days, more like a couple of weeks or months even).

Best of luck!

Costacalidaonestop 5 years ago

I have just added a new property. Booking.com have said it is now live and available for bookings, but I can not find it on the web site.

Any ideas?

Sheenaghgillen 5 years ago

I put my property on Booking.com a few months ago and have had a customer book the property since this. I want to edit and update for property photographs/script but can only locate it from a 'customer to book' viewpoint and not as the property owner? It's very frustrating as I've spent a while searching on the site and no joy. When I login it comes up as if I'm a customer looking to book - no where can I find how to log in as the property owner. It's really not an easy site to deal with! But I'm anxious to update all my information. Perhaps it's something I'm doing wrong so any guidance would be appreciated. Many thanks, Sheenagh