Change the country of my bank account


I've just jpoined booking.

My property is located in Tunisia but the activity is managed by my scottish company.

Automaticaly Booking wants I enter a tunisian bank account but I want to be paid on my company's bank account which is located in Scotland.

How to manage this?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Katerinka12 4 years ago


I would suggest that you write to their support.

However, my personal experience:

I have properties in different countries. I was not able to either change country of bank account or add "foreign" property to my existing and verified properties (their country and bank account are married :))

Guess what. Adding new property is "Pending approval" for 6 months. Despite many messages to support, Booking doesn't even answer. They just ignore but why? It's good money for them.

The result: biggest number of my properties is not with Booking...

Business 4 years ago

Thank you very much Katerinka for spending time for me.

I've contacted them but no reply then I decided not to add my property in Booking.

Airbnb is comfortable to use and to exchange with, less than 2 hours after my demand they provided me a solution to receive the payments in my UK bank account.

Kind regards


ben amor 5 months ago

hi philippe i have the same issue here, i have a a Tunisian bank account but my proprety are in france . ANY SUGESTION PLZ ?

Mickey58 4 years ago

Same here, we have property in Indonesia (where foreigners cannot own a bank account) so we need to be paid in the Netherlands. Booking says this is not possible, but others (AirBnB, HomeAway e.o.) have no problem with that at all. We are now forced to use the bank account of our local manager, and guess what: when I try to change and update the bank details in Booking.com's system, it is IMPOSSIBLE to change the country of a bank...! Compared to f.i. AirBnB's much faster and more intelligent, modern booking system (a lot less commission too...), Booking.com feels like a very outdated, rigid old system that is in urgent need of an update. This becomes unworkable to us, just saying....

Iwkosord 4 years ago

WE have a same problem !
We have a property in Mexico but we are using bank in US. We did sent a questions how can we change the country of our bank accont and nobody ever answer. We are giving up...

Kangarooshouse… 4 years ago

I have the same issue and I believe there are thousands of partners are the same.

I live in Australia and have a property in Egypt, I had to use my Egyptian bank account, but I really need to use this money in my daily life expenses here in Australia.

With Airbnb, things are much easier, I added my Paypal account which is connected to my Australian bank account. The Airbnb commission for any reservation is only 3% while it is 20% in Booking. Also with Airbnb you get paid the next day of your guest check in date. I feel Airbnb is the smartest accommodation website.

Booking is still the largest platform for accommodation reservation. I really wish if they can change their policies which will be beneficial to them and us.