Changing from 1 bedroom to 2 bedrooms.

I can't change my property to have 2 bedrooms instead of 1. Somehow by a mistake I only added 1 bedroom to the listing even though I have to. Because someone have already booked the place 2 months in advance. I am not able to change it. That sucks, because after the 2 months another one might have booked again, so I will never be able to change it without cancelling bookings...


Any knowhow to tackle this issue?



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Rasmus Mølgaard

I had similar when I first started as I was tweaking and changing my mind and reverting things back etc.


So here is how I would handle this:


1. Existing future date booking prevents changing the room type settings.

  • First note the check-in date for that booking and the date of checkout.
  • Now either use the calendar or the Open/close room menu option under Rates & Availability.
  • Close that room type from today up to the day before check-in date.
  • now close all dates from the checkout date onwards.
  • Create a new Room Type with a different name.
  • Configure the room type and set availability
  • eh volia your done.:)


See my comment on this related topic on how to  set room type  layouts and adults and children.





Once the check out date passes you can go and delete that room type.



Kind regards


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