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Children in different units

We have only been renting out units to guests for 8 months. So far we have had mostly bad experiences with guests who bring children. We have had many instances where parents arrive with babies but did not mention in the booking that they were bringing children and now expect them to stay for free. This is so arrogant! There is a lot of extra mess to clean up - disposable nappies, extra garbage, dirt/food in the beds, hand marks on all the surfaces (windows, doors, mirrors, walls, etc).

So we decided to have a no children policy. However, I'm concerned that we will now lose out on bookings because we are self-catering. So we want to have one unit that is adults only (12 years and older) and the other unit can accept children. How do I do this on BC?

Thank you!

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

annoying it is! Lind end guest farm, when people leave so much to clean.

Half of the guest group that travel is couples the other half is families / with children, so that could work.

IF you are going to go for families with children I would not be afraid to set some house rules. And make the interior child friendly, so they can't ruin much. Sturdy furniture and easy to clean surfaces.

Make it clear in your info folder how you would like the people to behave in YOUR house. I find

it hard to clean up after grandkids, but they are my own and then I can guide them. When visitors stay with children it's different. You could provide extra cloths so they can easily clean hands and often.

Could you create different names for the two units: like unit red / unit blue or something like a number 1 or 2 When people book then you know who books what.

The extranet has the rates tab. you may have seen already.

If you still have specific questions, please do.

All the best,


Aaltje B.