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I have recently joined Booking .com, and have stated with each booking for our apartment there will be a 50 euro cleaning Fee , but so far cant find out how to receive this payment , as it does not appear on the guests final invoice ? It is definitely set up and shows clearly this fee is not included in the nightly rate thats shown on the site . Can anyone help me with this please ? 

Also we want to set up a minimum 3 night stay at out apartment but has defaulted to one ? how do I change this back to 3 nights please. If anyone can help i would be very grateful


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BrookAve 2 years ago



  1. Cleaning Fee- How-To Set Additional Charges and Fees such as Cleaning Fees  
    1. Property > Policies> Additional fees  
    2. Add Cleaning Fee per stay e50  
    3. Open View My Property link , do a search for available dates, hover over the price offered and you will see the cleaning fee added.  
  2. Managing Availability
    1. Managing Availability , Channel Managers and realistic expectations.




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