Closed suit has been booked by B.com

Hi Can someone please assist me? I am new to this. I am registered with Nightsbridge, which then puts me onto other booking sites. My close outs on Nightsbridge should register on booking.com. I saw today that this obviously is not the case as I have closed out one of my suites from August this year till April next year. Booking.com has just booked a guest in that suite. I have forwarded an e-mail to guest, hoping that it was a mistake. As it is difficult to contact booking.com I am concerned that this will be a problem. I have another suite available for the guest. Appreciate a reply. Thanks in advance. Berenice


BrookAve 4 years ago




Sounds like you are using  a 3rd party channel manager.

That will overrule BdC calendar,  so that's where you need to find and fix the root cause.


Ask your IT guy to help if you have one or the CM help section.


BdC can't help with your 3rd party tool