configuring number of guests

Folks, I need some help. I have a one-bedroom apartment posted on Booking, with a double bed in the bedroom and an extendable sofa sleeping two more in the living room.

I cannot configure the max number of guests:

the max number of guests set to 4
the max number of children set to 2
- the icon in the Booking listing says 4+2! But this is wrong! I cannot host 6 guests!
If I set Children to 0, then Booking would not let me host children.
If I set the number of Adults to less than 4, Booking will not let me host 4 adults.

What settings do I have to enter?

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Jarred - Commu… 1 year ago

Hi Lev,

As long as you have set the max occupancy to 4 then the system will be able to do a combination of adults and children without exceeding the overall max occupancy of 4. For example your max adults will be 4, your max children will be 2 and your max occupancy will be 4.

Here is a Link on our to change the maximum occupancy for a room.

Matthew Fletcher 2 months ago

We have a property that has 2x doubles and 2x sets of bunk beds, however we only want to accommodate a maximum of 4x adults in the property at any one time, but are keen to advertise to  families (of up to 8x) - can you recommend how we should set up the rooms? Thanks