hi. resend your letter or confirm by another method. thanks.

Jeff Smith 3 years ago

who does this go to? hi. resend your letter or confirm by another method. thanks.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Jeff.


1. As you replied to your own topic  instead of just editing it , it gets moved from the top of the unanswered list , and reduces the chances of it being viewed and or any replies.


2. You are addressing the partner community. Not BdC Support Team. They will never read this nor call you.


3.Verify Location : Please phone the support line and directly ask for alternative method.


How long has it been since the letter was sent?

Did you verify your postal address is correct on extranet?

Kind Regards




Phil Higley 3 years ago

Good morning everyone, i have yet another query if anyone could be so kind as to offer advice. Having almost completed all dections of registration, i have come to a grinding halt when attempting to submit my bank details for payment. I have completed the IBAN number and the Account name but there doesn't appear to be a seperate box whereby i can submit account number. Is it a case whereby the advert has to be approved and 'live' before this is possible ? Many thanks in advance.Phil.