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They are going to mail out a letter, the property is in another state over 5 hours away from my house, and we don't even have a mailbox there because we never plan to receive mail, what can I do to confirm the property without going there putting up a mail box and waiting?

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After you join Booking.com, you need to confirm your property’s location to make sure guests can easily find it on arrival. Depending on your location, we’ll either reach out to  you through a call or post you a letter with the verification information you need to complete the process. If you don’t have access to postal services or immediate access to the property you’re listing on our platform, you’ll need to contact us so we can arrange an alternative way of verifying your address.

What’s in this article

  1. Why location verification is important
  2. Confirming your property’s location with a call
  3. Confirming your property’s location with a letter

Why location verification is important

We promote your property across multiple search engines and on affiliate websites, so it’s vital that we show guests the correct property location right from the start. This also helps you to manage guest expectations and provide a positive experience.

If your property location remains unverified, your property may be temporarily closed and prevented from receiving new bookings.

Confirming your property’s location with a call

It can take up to three months for us to call you. To make sure you’re prepared, please check that your contact information is up to date and add a second phone number if possible. You can do this in the extranet by clicking on Account and then on Contacts.

Confirming your property’s location with a letter

If we confirm your property location by post, we’ll send a letter with a unique verification code to the property address you provided during registration. Depending on your location, it can take up to 25 days for your letter to arrive.

Once you receive the letter, please follow the instructions on the letter to enter your code through the extranet Partner Verification Portal. If you haven’t received your letter after 25 days, you may be able to request another letter through the Partner Verification Portal. If you don’t see that option, please send us a message via your extranet inbox.

To minimise the time it takes to verify your property location, make sure the address you provide is as accurate as possible. This address should match the address of the property you’re registering on Booking.com. If you want to register multiple properties, you’ll need to verify the location of each property separately. Please read this article for more information.

Enni Tati 11 months ago

Hi Jaaslen,

I have same problem. I need the letter to be posted at my current address not in the propetty addrees registred in booking because it is far away from me. 

Where should i request this?