I own my own villa and have set up a company to allow me to manage other villas in the area. Do I sign the booking.com agreement as an idividual entrepreneur or as a company.

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jaybeegee 1 year ago

hi! my understanding is that you need at least 4 properties in order to have a corporate account assuming the properties are also available on bdc!

remember you are posting here on a partner forum and this is not official bdc support.

Sara Bozic 1 year ago

Thank you for getting back to me.

I have more than 4 properties to look after . The issue I have is ‘how’to contact anyone at BC that can help. Each agent has knowledge but does not specialise in any particular area and so I don’t get reasonable response .

I know when I signed up I went in as an individual entrepreneur but now I’m wondering legally if that still applies to myself?

If anyone else is reading this and can help me I’d really appreciate it.