Customer bookig with lower price than we set.

Dear all, 


     Our roomes price was set at 450 and 350. We never received booking on the 11-12 october 2019. 
Some how our customer walking in with the attached picture. 100 THB for booking. 

    There is no report on our extranet, is this a scam or we missing something. 
We have try to chat with booking reppresentative, but we can't. 

Appreciate your help. 




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fluff 4 years ago

Hi Nipa,

If you enter the booking number into extranet, (also try the customer name) and there is no record there, the booking is almost certainly false.

It is now the guests work to contact BDC and prove the booking is valid, I guess they will not be able to. 

We have seen similar to this, it is very easy to forge a booking paper or even a mobile phone screenshot. 


Fred Majoor 4 years ago

Hi I am Fred Majoor (New here).


I listed yesterday my villa in Phuket on Booking.com, it took me about 7 hours to do that, not so young.

At the end I was adding prices and availabilities and 2 minutes later I wanted to check the prices again.

I was shocked to direct get a booking for 9 days, but with the wrong rate. Not sure I made the mistake or the system. Maybe me. 80$ per night in stead of 800$.

I directly replied to the guests who booked, to ask for cancellation. Until now no answer.


Anyone have tips how to solve this?

Does anyone have the e-mail address from Booking.com /Reservation Department?


Fred Majoor