Damage Deposit getting payments

I have read a few posts on here but still none the wiser. We can't get cash from guests for a damage deposit, as we are not on site. However, we don't want to leave ourselves open to abuse if we don't have one.

Under the Fine Print it states you can ask for a Bank Transfer at the start from guests and wondered if I ticked this whether I could then add a Security Deposit to it?

Im nervous that guests won't read this though and then I won't get it paid in any case! Any thoughts welcome.

I have to say on other sites, which I won't name, they make it easy by allowing the site or yourself collect a Damage Deposit at the beginning and seems to work well....not sure why BDC won't do this!!

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago


Nice to have you here.... I can absolutely understand your problem...as many of us have the same one.

Unfortunately, people do not read...and even if you have a damage deposit does that mean that it would be enough if guests damage something very valuable???

If guests are not responsible...we have problems...

Hope another partner can give you a better solution.

Wish you great guests...

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

I posted a lengthy reply on damage deposits earlier today ...... and yes, you're right that guests don't read the information and don't pay .... simple solution, you message them again, phone them up, and do not send them the directions and the codes to get in to the property until they have paid the damage deposit .... be strict about that .... and you can also report guests for non-payment if they don't pay the damage deposit .... you can do this before the guest is due to arrive .... anyway, this is a link to the reply i posted earlier today ....