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I was trying to see if I was interested in listing my home on your site.  I didn't realize that it would go live.  Can you please delete my listing since I wouldn't be interested in your site.  The listing number is ***.  It is currently set in snooze because I wasn't able to delete it on my own.


Thank you,




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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

Search on Help for 'end partnership' for instructions.  This is the partner forum, not the booking.com help team, so we are not able to do this for you

Jules Sims 1 year ago

Same here trying to delete my listing 

site advises you to go here click that.


click on extranet > inbox> Booking.com messages> Contract options>terminate.

clicked as far as booking.com messages and that is as far as it has got. 

Up to now and I've lost count of how many times I have tried. today has taken another hour of my prescious time that i have wasted on shit that I will never get back and now over one hour quicker going into my coffin