Difference between booking and Airbnb


I am looking to list my inventory on booking.com. I wanted to know if one can do the following on booking.com

  1. Restrict bookings to minimum number of nights 
  2. Add a cleaning fees 
  3. How does one contact partner support, I can’t find a number to talk to an agent to help with my questions or any future help required 

Salah Chohan 1 month ago

Yes you can restrict minimum number of nights. I just did it. Regarding cleaning fee, I think i have seen it somewhere but not too sure.

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Fluff (new account) 1 month ago

Minimum nights = Yes

Cleaning fee = Yes (BDC will charge commission on this too, adjust accordingly)

Partner support = Depending on your region, via internal messaging or phone, contacts will appear inside Extranet once fully set up.


N.B. BDC does NOT offer any kind of insurance cover for damages caused by guests (which AB do). You will need to take a deposit from the guest if you wish that safety net. (Best to state this on your listing as well, under the "Fine Print", request this to be added.