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Difficulties contacting the support team in Vietnam

Anyone else having problems contacting the Vietnamese team? Been almost 1 month that they were unable to answer to any of my messages and delaying the opening of my property :-(

I wish I could deal directly with the international team in Amsterdam...


Does anyone have any tips/contacts that could help me? Thanks!

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jaybeegee 4 years ago

Nothing is stopping you to contact the bdc support desk in Holland or any other country for that matter!

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Mkt 4 years ago

I wish it was that easy - we have been doing that for 1 month but the Holland team keeps forwarding the requests to the Vietnamese team - who has failed to answer all of the 13 of them...

Anh Trần 3 years ago

Dear VN Team,


Warmest Greetings From The LA VITA Central Resort 


We highly appreciate your support as follows 

- Updating Information: 

  Lien Nguyen (Ms): LA VITA Operation Manager, takes charge of S&M

  E.mail:                  *** ( LA VITA official account )

  Hand-phone:         ***/ Hotline - ***/ Private

- Set-up the LA VITA Extranet Account, and send the information to The Hotline or The LA VITA official e.mail account


Thank You, and Have A Nice Day!


Sincerely Yours,

Lien Nguyen