Dont have exactly adress

Hello. i want to confirm my property but the problem is that you ask e verified code that you send me . You know my house is in a place that looks like a  small village . There is an adress and i found it on a map at internet. But i am not sure about the number of my address cause nobody there has a number. It is a place only for summer holidays and nobody is there in winter so every house there has not so officially addresses . I am not sure what to do now. Maybe i would never has this verification code so could you send me this here ?

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jaybeegee 2 years ago

Hello and welcome to the partner forum.

Seem to think that I have read on the forum (but could not find the actual post!) that whenever there are these type of verification issues, you can request with booking.com alternative verification methods. 

Let's see if another partner responds, otherwise would suggest you reach out to booking.com customer support via the telephone line or extranet email.