Double booking

Good afternoon, my property was listed three times in the beginning and I do not know how that happened. 

These are the property numbers: 8876949, 8876255 and 8876720.

I´m only going to work on property number: 8876949.

I have three up coming reservations on property number: 8876255

Those booking numbers are: 2788088585, 3638521018 and 2348413656 that I have to chancel.

PLEASE do that for me, I can´t accommodate them.

I also have to refund those booking numbers: 3998073623, 2391126929 on the property number 8876255.

And I need to refund this booking number: 2820492666 on the property number 8876720.

Look forward to get reply from Booking because this has been really for me.

Brgds. Jenný