Hi All,

I have received an email this morning which I feel is SPAM, it's requesting I click a "verify account" button to "confirm my personal and business identity" but it is headed "Dear partner", lower case 'p' and is not personalised to myself. Anyone else had this? Is it spam? There's nothing on my Extranet asking for any information. I'm in the UK.

Update - I have contacted B.com through the Extranet to check with them.


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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

Dear Mick,

That is a legitimate e-mail.

You can always verify the sender information. @booking.com e-mails are legitimate and you need to do that verification.

Best regards,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com

Sleephere 5 years ago

I received the same. I have the suspicion. Copy hereafter

How can Booking be contacted to know what it is about?

Jun 13 at 12:53 AM
- Villa Botanique Guesthouse (3468696) -
Cher partenaire,
Conformément aux exigences réglementaires de votre pays, nous sommes dans l'obligation de confirmer votre identité personnelle et professionnelle. Ces informations sont nécessaires pour éviter toute interruption de service.
Cela ne devrait pas vous prendre plus de quelques minutes. Veuillez noter qu'il est nécessaire que vous remplissiez ce formulaire pour pouvoir continuer à accomplir vos opérations habituelles.
Vérifier le compte
Veuillez ne pas répondre à cet e-mail.
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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hi there herd,

I'm one of the sheep that also received a verification email. It came directly from Booking.com as I know the email address. When I went on it it took me to the extranet. So I was quite comfortable.

Just remember that you can always, at any time, phone a friend and verify directly with Booking.com. They have logs of every correspondence sent to you.

Keep well!