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Entering a pricing structure

Hi, I am trying to finish adding a yoga retreat to our campsite on The pricing includes 5 types of accommodation, each with different prices for single or shared, then again for 2, 3 or 5 nights. I cannot see how to enter this on 

Can anyone help me please? Thank you. 

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

Seem to think the pricing on is done on a per night basis and you can set discounts/promotions for different durations.

if you are not accepting 1 night you can limit the minimum nights.

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hi Caravan on Maestrat Park! Thanks for posting in the Community!


In order to have prices depended on the lengths of stay, you would need to create a few rate plans and set up different minimum lengths of stay restrictions. So in the end for each "room type" you should have a separate rate for 2 nights stay, 3 nights stay etc. 


Best regards!