Error.....Oops! we are an adult only property

We have just recently joined booking.com. Setting the page up was fairly easy and comunication with Booking.com was also good.

BUT suddenly we have an error on our page. We accept up to 6 guests including children and it says clearly in our info that we do. Then when you add children's ages it says further down the screen "Oops! This is an adult only property. Your children will have no where to sleep."

Just to add this error only shows when using chrome and other survers but it doesn't show when using the app.

As far as we are aware we haven't added age restrictions or asked for it to be adult only. 

How do we change/remove this?

Hope someone can help.

Richard Nicholson 3 years ago

Sadly, I have been asking the support team to fix it for over 2 weeks now, with no success. No one takes ownership for it and every time I call, we have to go through all the same conversations about how it is fine from their end. I have sent screenshots of the message, and anyone not accessing Booking.com through the app also sees the message. 

They apparently claim it is fixed but it most certainly isn't. Why would I keep calling if their error had been sorted. These site errors should be given a log number and not signed off until the customer confirms that the error is fixed.

Was hoping to find an answer here.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Sorry to hear that...

In following  link you can find how to add your Community profile and property so partners can search and try to help you.


Hope this can help you a little...

Its a shame that BDC Support Team didn’t give you a solution because I had similar problem and my local BDC Support Team fixed on the spot.

Wish you luck.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Richard


From what I have read and seen in the Room Type Setup and on my own.

You start in Extranet > Property Menu, click Room Details below Facilities.

Under an existing room type listing image will be :


  • Occupancy: 2 adults _1 child (max 3 guests)
  • Number of This Type: x


According to my config to do this set :

  • Bed Options And Occupancy:
  • Standard Arrangement - Bed Type1 x 1
  • Alternative Arrangement - Bed Type 1 x1, Bedtype 2 x1


Occupancy section:

  • Max Adults : 2
  • Max Children :1
  • Max Occupancy: 3


Under Max Children is a link to 'Child policies and rates page' .

There I have set :

  • Allow Children under 18 : YES and from 14 or older
  • Child Rates : here you can set additional rate based on age range.

click save 


Hope that helps paint a picture for what you could try to replicate and then tweak  as needed.




Kind regards


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