Evelyn Serfontein

The Booking.com setup is just too difficult for me –

• cannot add a room, the instructions in HELP is not applicable to me

• My place is a full 2-bedroom house (and maybe a 3-bedroom house)

• There are no dropdown and such for such a booking.

• I tried to name it "2-bedroom house" and named and described the 1st bedroom, but it seems to be wrong. I cannot add info about the other room. There is just no click or dropdown. 

It's a mess. I'm not going to battle for years with a setup like this. I want to close my account and rather work with AirBnB.

BrookAve 4 years ago



Hi Evelyn


This happens to us all at first. It really is not as bad as we first perceive.


The real issue is trying to do too many things too fast, and in the wrong order.


Have a look at the Getting Started guides :



Think about what it is you would like then see how that fits into the solution platform provided.


Do you want the whole unit rented or just by room per night?


I would start simple and then evolve it later.


If the Extranet home page has a green /white status of Open/bookable , then


Set availability to closed so no one can book while you get familiar with all the features and options.


i.e. under Rates & Availalbilty, using either open/close or Calendar in List view , make sure no room is bookable.

So simply add one Rate plan, then one room type, link them .

Set availability to closed so no one can book while you get familiar with all the features and options.


Lets try this first and then we can see where you are at and then tackle the next part where needed.


There are a few videos also on youtube that may help .


I found once I learned the terminology, concepts then the platform features started to make sense and the jigsaw was coming together nicely.




Kind Regards




Direct Support Team via phone or message  here : https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/support-contact/how-do-i-contact…



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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Hi Evelyn and do not panic... As Barry said take it step by step.

First read guidelines..and then proceed..

Your local booking.com is always there for you to help you.

Wish you luck....