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Extra guest supplement fee

Hi everybody! 

I am new on Booking, I managed to create a complete listing so far. 

There is only one last thing I am trying to figure out how to set.

My property can welcome 4 guests in total: 1 bedroom (2 guests) and a sofa bed (2 guests) in the living room. I would like to set a fixed price for 2 guests and then automatically add 20 Euro x night for any additional guest up to 4 (max capacity). By doing this, the listing would be much more competitive because it would show a lower price associated to different numbers of guests

Right now it is only showing the price for 4 guests!

Thank you :D 


BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Laura


Honestly I would not do that, as I find it immoral.


  • Do you have it setup as a single unit?
  • Defined bedroom  with standard layout 1 bedroom , 1x double... and then alternative 1 x double and then 1 x sofabed.?
  • A sofa bed is anything but a luxury, it's no better than a glorified camp bed.
  • To charge for it is just wrong to me.
  • Just charge for the unit  only and say it is suitable for up to 4.
  • i.e. factor it into the cost of renting the unit or leave it be.
  • I get the competitive idea but ,is it really worth it in the long run and the current climate of deminishing or zero  guests ?


Some food for thought.



You will find the additional cost in the room definition and a sub link to go to the extra charges for others on same page.





Kind Regards


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Lee Firman 2 years ago

Can anyone else answer this question? 

I too would like to know if, like on airbnb, can you add a supplementary charge for each additional person?

I understand the opinion from Laura - but in my situation, I have an apartment with two bedrooms. The amount that I have to pay the cleaners depends so much on how many guests have stayed (imagine - there is more cleaning, more laundry, etc if there are more guests). If only two guests are staying, I keep the other bedroom in the apartment locked. 


I would like to offer the best price possible for 2 guests (instead of charging them much more in case they're a party of 4-6 people). 

Is it possible to add a supplementary cost for additional guests? 

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Isle of Wight … 2 years ago

If you set up like that, you are discounting. You will get people book for 2 but turn up with 4 and you just get less money. It happens all the time. Set it up for a single price for the property, regardless of whether it's 1,2,3 or 4 people staying. Job done.

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Lee Firman 2 years ago

No, not really. Because in my case, I only offer two bedrooms if more than two guests are staying. If two guests stay, one bedroom remains locked. 


Instead of giving an opinion, can someone just provide an answer to the question? 


Is it possible to add a supplementary cost for additional guests?