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Facilities & Services

We are new into renting out vacation apartments, so we just put our apartment on
This also means trying to understand the system and all it's facilities.

Our first question is about the page "Facilities & Services" where there are a lot of facilities and services listed, many of them we think are specifically for hotels, but also distance services, safety services, and facilities like food, transport, activities and more.

Specifically about these last mentioned services. Does the page refers to these things if they are offered by us as apartment owners, or if they can be booked in the neighbourhood.

For instance the page mentions "Car Rental".
We do not rent cars, but we can tell people where to rent cars.
Do we have to check this checkmark in that case, or only if it is our own service.

Same with restaurants.
We work together with more restaurants and bars, just to help each other.
One restaurant is our neighbour, but we do not offer restaurant services ourselves.
Do we have to check this and mention the restaurants or not?

This topic is not quite clear about it.
Maybe someone can help us on this.

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Janita - Accou… 2 years ago

Hi Eddy & Mariana, 

The facilities and services are those that you can offer directly at your property. You can enter other places in the What's Nearby section.