first time users of booking.com and we are having a problem with our property registration

We have hit a brick wall trying to register our property as unable getting past rate plans 90% completed....we keep getting automated reply ie. it looks like something went wrong please try again !!  we have rebooted double checked and requested help from booking.com but heard nothing back. This has gone on for a week and we are about to give up unless someone could kindly assist. best regards Jo and Henrik

tony ward 1 year ago

I have 4 properties already and listing a 5th. I have the same problem. 2 phone calls to them telling me they are aware there is a glitch. But nothing happens. No help at all. 

Sandra Fernánd… 1 year ago

Could you solve it? I'm also stuck in the glitch of registration since more than 2 months without any improvement on the situation...