frequent guest no show

Hi, I got already 3 different bookings where guests don't show up. I tried to contact them before their arrival to get some kind of confirmation but no answers. This is bother me a lot because my calendar if locked for that booking and I don't have any means to change it. (Knowing that in my case prepayment is not allowed). What to do ? there must be a notification from Booking to these kind of guests

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pibomarco 3 years ago

You can:


Set your policies more strict.


Activate "Online Payments by Booking.com" you collect payments by charging Booking's Virtual Card (you need a POS machine).


In extranet under policies and under payment you can mark that deposit is required for final confirmation. On the time of booking you send to the guest your bank details with a deadline. If guest doesn't respond or didn't transfer the deposit, you can mark "payment not received", Booking.com will remind the guest, and if the guest does not respond to you in 24h you are able to cancel their booking.


The best feature is to activate "Payments by Booking.com" where booking.com handles all payouts (also for late cancelations and no-shows). But this feature is not yet available in some countries.