I need to add channel manager in our booking page. Could you help us please ?

we are waiting your answer.

thank you 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi emre kagnıcı


I strongly reccommend you get the 3rd party who own the CM to help you  as BdC will not assist.

You also need to be very familiar with how your accomodation is setup in order to underastand the various concepts.

There is no offical assistance for this., and part s of it are technical.


Other than tell you to look at their side of it, i.e. where you pick from a list and authorise connection.


Usually the CM website itself will have a proper guide with steps on how to connect and the order of things.


The top right circle menus in Extranet the ,first one is where you will find it.

Its called the Account Menu. 



You have not even mentioned the name of the C.M. either.

The lack of detail makes it impossible to assist.


Checkout CM 

  1. Free - nobeds
  2. Paid - Cloudbeds

Kind Regards.


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