Good morning why my property is unavailable on booking.com

Dear Booking.com

Good Morning,

We are Fanadir Bay Suites, new Hotel Located at Hurghada, Red sea , Egypt , Since two months we tried to make account on booking.com to be available for our guests , but till the moment we did not get live for our guests , so we made more than one account as we thought that we have problems in the first and main account we created before , but no one from these accounts till now get live to our guests , we phoned more than 07 times with booking.com customer services , in all of the calls they promise us that the problem will take few days then will be solved and zoom meeting will be held with us to prove our location and that promise gone with wind , and since two months and until now no anything happened , they promised us that booking.com technical support will contact the hotel throw Meeting ZOOM since once month ago till now we did not get any reply , at the end they told us that the hotel has official account valid on booking.com and it is live now for the guests and it is not allowed to create another account for your hotel that is what they said although this account not related to us and we do not have access for it  , after investigation we found that a lot of accounts hold the same name of Fanadir Bay in same location are active on bookin.com  more than 05 accounts please see the attached documents and you can investigate by searching on booking.com and see how many accounts with same name in same location will appear holding the name of (Fanadir Bay) , that why I am talking to you today that we are only the official hotel management and all of the others accounts are for owners of entire apartments only and all are using the same name will same location and this is not fare .

Dear booking.com. please help us by Meeting ZOOM to approve the hotel and to assure that we are the original hotel offers more than 310 units for sale who will achieve more profits for both of us.

Dear Booking.com we need to solve this problem as soon as possible to avoid So that we do not use this evidence to file a lawsuit against you, and upon investigation, it will become clear that we are the original hotel, not them and we have all the calls happened is recorded.

Thanks in adavance.