Got booked while my place is NOT online yet

Hallo people,

I am new to booking.com. I have just finished the process of listing my property. I am waiting for my CODE so they can verify my adress to put the listing ONLINE..

I just got an email that I have a booking for the listing. I am in shock because the lsiting is not suppose to be online YET and when I go to the reservations TAB in my profile I see no reservations. I cant see any information of the booking that they mail claims  I got...


Can anyone help me with this?


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Yellow sun


That sounds a lot of spam email , a fake email claiming to be a booking 

Can you take a picture of the top of the email where it sounds the sender and the first few lines.


Booking emails for new reservations look like this all the time, so if it differs it is most definitely fake.


The summary view of an email template for a genuine booking will look something like this.


new reservation email example


Kind Regards