Guest cannot change booking - cannot prolong stay

Dear Partner Hub members,


I have a problem regarding one of my vacation rental homes, a guest has been trying to prolong his stay by one day but unfortunatly booking.com is showing it is sold out, however according to my knowledge this date hasnt been booked yet. I hope that somebody can help me.

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Could you call the BDotC team, Thor? And ask if they could help you out? This could be an error on your side or something small that has been overlooked. (something in the settings) 

if you are sure this will be your only client, and you can't solve the problem today, just leave it blocked and get the money cash. 

If it is blocked, sure nobody else can book. 


But double-check to find out what happened. The BDotC system will charge commission for every booked date. 

So do mention it to the team, if something is overcharged, or booked in error. 


Of course I am not promoting false play, but sometimes the system is not up to date.

The guest is king. 

I am always like a hawk when it comes to checking bookings and payments. Nobody is perfect. 

If not synchronized I ring the team. Better find out too early, then too late. 

let us know how you got on. 



Aaltje B.