Guest has made a booking during set up

We have just joined and during our listing set up a booking has come in for one night from a guest. We are not ready to go live yet and I have asked the guest to cancel their booking but they haven't. Is there anything I can do to cancel the reservation?

BrookAve 3 years ago

Yes simply open it and since you already message them, you should click cancel, then they get notified to click confirm, and it's done.


Before or after go immediately and set rooms to closed until x date to prevent bookings until you are ready to open them


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Also tip, add property link into your profile.


Full guide is featured or click on my name to find it

Charlie Henry 3 years ago

Thank you for the response Barry but I have already done that. I have messaged them and clicked cancel the problem is that they have not clicked confirm so it is still open

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Dear Charlie Henry! Thanks for posting in the Community!


If you are not able to accommodate the guest, please contact our customer support team via your Extranet Inbox, so they could find a suitable alternative for the guest. 


As mentioned above, please close the availability of your property while you are not ready to accept guests. 


Best regards.