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Why are guests allowed to leave anonymous reviews? We have enjoyed great reviews from our guests and I always answer them with a thank you and a comment if appropriate. Today a guest left an anonymous review of 7.5 with no comments I am unable to address the review it is so annoying when all our reviews up till now have been 9.2 to a 10. I don't think anonymous reviews should be allowed put your name to a review If you feel justified put your name to it I would every time. 

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fluff 4 years ago

This has been covered many times here and you have 100% agreement from everyone here.

Julie Warburton 4 years ago

Well let's try and change this policy.  It doesn't help our business and to improve we need more information. If a guest want to suggest an improvement or a complaint well let them be up front and tell us .

Home from Home… 4 years ago

I totally agree with this, we recently had a score of 5 in all categories, my current average is 9.  The guests smoked in the apartment and were advised that they would be charged. They also burned the coffee table.  Very unfair that we cannot respond.

Soga Lounge Hosteria 3 years ago

Hi am agree is any way we can make this change and the new way to calculate the score also is a big problem 

Adam 3 years ago

I recently had a similar experience. An anonymous guest gave me a 2.5 score for all aspects that booking allow guests to rate such as : internet speed, cleanliness, location etc which is impossible since I had only 8-10 ratings.

Big companies such Amazon delete such ratings for a product if they find it unjustified after a short investigation.

Also the reviews should be reciprocal. Hosts should be allowed to review guests as guests can review hosts. As for now I don't know who I m hosting.

Richard Osborn 3 years ago

Booking does not care about you or your business.

Just there 15%. Just spent one our and 45 minutes on hold and being transferred and then hung up on then finally a supervisor.

Just to be told to bad we have changed it and that's it.

What it does to your over all score and rating they don't care.

They had a team(not any of us that pay there wages) to come up with this over all score. They told me I could leave Booking.com if I don't like it.