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Hate review

Hello partners,

I had a reservation for 4 people and when they come, 5 people shows up. When I explain that, they yell at me at reception infront of hotel staffs and other clients. They threatened me that they will give a very bad review if I will not allow them in reserved rate. Finally I allowed those 5 people in 4 person rate.

I tried to contact customer service centre immediately to ask a proof that, that reservation is for 4 people. I received reply 3 days later. They didn't say anything about 4 people or 5 people but only about guest misconduct features. By that time, the customers already left.

I told that I cannot accept any review from those people. (way before they post it)

Then, they wrote a bad reivew.

I asked to remove it. Because it's a hate review. denied and ask me to respond it.

So, I responded it and my respond was rejected.

My response was: (Dear Mrs [removed for privacy], I am Dr Chan, owner of Myanmar Beauty Hotel. First of all, thank you very much for choosing us to stay in Taungoo and thank you for your review. Firstly, you described in your review that I came on second day. Well, I was at the reception at the first night when you argued that you paid for 5 people for your reservations [removed for privacy]. (By the way, did you receive your question to May I know what was the answer? 4 people? Or 5 people?) I tried to explain you that you paid for 4 people instead of 5, that night, and you yelled and insulted me infront of my employees and other guests. Next morning, I allowed you to stay in your booked rate (for 4 people). And you said you were happy and apologized for being rude last night and you and your husband explained me that it was because of your similar problem at hotel in Bagan and your driver. I am explaining this just to make you remember. Like I said that night and next morning, I really don't care 20$. I care my customers to be happy. I am really sorry that you were not happy even after decreasing my room rate. I am really sorry for all your pointing out problems. We promise that we will fix the problems which we can. Best regards, Chan.)

For me, this is not fair at all. I was mistreated by guest. I kept patient and allowed them. And yet, they mistreated again by writing a bad review.

I understand cannot rely on my message only. But nobody ask any question or try to investigate. I have evidence for the whole thing. protect customers right. This I can understand. But who will protect hotelier's right? don't show up when I needed. And press only hotelier's side.

Please advise me what should I do? I don't care what happened. But I cannot let this happen again.

Thank you very much.

Dr Chan

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Laura, Communi… 5 years ago

Hi Dr Chan,

Thanks for getting involved with the Partner Forum. As this is your space, you're absolutely welcome to share your experiences - however please be mindful of not sharing guest names, confirmation numbers and other identifying information as these will be removed.

If you'd like to know more about how things work over here, please have a look at our Community Guidelines.

All the best,


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Drchanaye 5 years ago

Dear Laura,
Thank you for your message. I am sorry for that. That was my first time and I did'nt know that.
Best regards,