I just created a listing for my condo in Dominican Republic ... uploaded all photos, descriptions, rates, etc. and signed the listing agreement. Then I received an email from Booking.com saying that my listing could not be activated, since its a duplicate of an existing property. I have never placed anything on this site before, so its not possible that a duplicate listing exists. The email included a phone# in Mexico for me to call to fix this problem. I called the number, but after several tries, all I could reach were recorded messages in Spanish! I send an email to Booking.com help representative who replied that they couldn't tell me anything about this duplicate listing due to security reasons. How can I resolve this issue?


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Norova Sarvinoz 3 years ago

You should find out the phone number of the nearest office of booking or write an email .after day or two they will call you

Andrey Valentinovich 3 years ago
  Hallo QAISER SAGHAR I create a listing in Russian Federation countryside /village and have received a letter by Post service with uncial code. But I cannot ENTER THE CODE. I don't know maybe theBooking Extranet has 2 mine objects for rent but I've sent it only 1 time!?