Help - I've completed the property listing process, received the email but my property has page has disapeared

Hello there, I need assistance asap with my new booking.com listing. I am a lodge based on the northern most island of Japan. I have all relevent licenses to operate a accommodation and have had a nightmare attempting to list with Booking.com 

I have done the following process countless times but have had no luck at all. 

- followed the steps to list my property, images and information through the hosting section of booking.com

- received an email with an accommodation agreement.

- received and email with a click to activate your reservation link - which I click

- I click the link and log into booking.com and receive the blank page with a message saying i have no property listings. 

- back to the property listing page I can now see a continue your property registration link as per the image. 

- I enter my email address to access the property page and it tells me that my email address is not recognised. 

I have tried calling booking.com Japan and on the listed international number but both require a booking id number to proceed. Please can someone tell me how I can get help to list my lodge as im at a complete loss as to how to proceed. 

BrookAve 4 years ago

Sounds terrible experience.

If you cant get bdc on phone to help consider another OTA.