Help link my airbnb account and booking

Hello. I have been renting my apartment on airbnb.com for 3 years now. I have super host status and more than 100 reviews. How can I import my apartment from airbnb for booking?
I understand how to import a calendar and photos, but I do not understand how to import reviews and how to cancel the address verification procedure.
Please, help!

BrookAve 4 years ago


when using 2 or more OTA partnerships strongly reccomend using a channel manager as this will prevent overbooking and near real time sync.


examples   Beds24, they have a free trials and score highly.




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TIP: Add your property link to your partner profile. Its helps other partners assist you .



If you need direct support use Partner Help Contact Us in the footer of this page.

Or Extranet > Inbox >booking Messages . Click on Contact Us.