help Please. Ive been sending messages to Booking for a week and no response

I have hosted two guests on booking.com they both just showed up (the Day I put the listing up)  and it was up to me  to sort out the details. which I did. very stress.

I was only up a few days when I received 5 bookings .. one I had to cancel as it conflicted with another Booking I had on another site.  Booking.com  called me from JAPAN ??? when I requested cancellation with the guest. why is it so easy for a guest to contact booking and so impossible for a host?

But a few days in and two guests completed. got a message on booking that my account has been temp suspended.  as they are looking at MY AL  tourist number ...No phone call. 

Since then Ive messed them in the system by repling to them ( standard answer they will get back to me within one day) they havent its been a week anf 4 messages  and tried to call various numbers to know avail.

I need to know 

Will the two bookings I still have on my system by honoured. I need to know asap.

2. will I be paid for the two booking Ive completed and these two upcoming.

I have sent them emails too. 

One would imagine you could phone them in this situation.

PLEASE help anybody. Im in Portugal but speak English can not deal with the local booking. com number in Portugal.

Should I call the UK number ... what is it?