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hotel banyuwangi

Strategic places to visit and lodging in Banyuwangi, for local or foreign tourists a comfortable place to visit in Banyuwangi is only Pondok Pinang Homestay & Resort which is located in the Guava Village, Tamansari Kec .licin Banyuwangi, which offers different holiday sensations and trips with nuances beautiful mountains, many places that can be visited from the beauty of Mount Ijen, baths taman suruh and many others, there you can enjoy the natural rural atmosphere, clean water and views of the green grass garden we can visit easily


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So we suggest that if you go to Banyuwangi, East Java, don't forget to book a ticket to stay at Pondok Pinang Homestay & Resort so that you can easily reach all the beautiful and natural tourist attractions.

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