House with 3 rooms rent for one, two or three rooms (prices per room not per person)

Hi guys.

We are on booking and rent an old farming house. We have 3 rooms there. We want to rent it now as a house for 3 rooms, for 2 rooms or for 1 room (prices should be different). How can i avoid a double booking (i mean if somebody books the 3 room house and the 2 room house at same time). How does it work with the synchronisation of calender!

Any tips would be helpful

Regards Wolfgang

Wolfgang Strugger 2 years ago

Now i did like i created three different units (1 room, 2 and 3), but cannot avoid doublebookings and synchronisation also problem

BrookAve 2 years ago



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Hi Wolfgang


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  • You cannot list the same property 3 times with different number of rooms. It will not work.
  • What you can do is set up Occupancy Based Rates instead.
  • You will not be able to Cal Sync, anyway, it does not auto sync, and does not by design allow inventory of >1.
  • Contact BdC Support to remove all listings except the one for all rooms.







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2) Select ‘Booking.com messages’.

3) Click on ‘See Contact Options’

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Wolfgang Strugger 2 years ago

ok thanks for reply! 

But one more question... the problem is, how can i let my guests know, that if they book for 2 persons, that it means they only will get one room, what should be obviously.

I mean they book a house with 3 rooms but will only get one room for reasons of the price of heating and cleaning, etc. It already happened 2 times, guests booked for 2 people but expected 2 rooms.


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Account Adviso… 2 years ago

Hi Wolfgang Strugger,


Once your occupancy based pricing is set up, you can also request to have added to the Room Description the below phrase:


"Please note that when booking for 2 guests, you will have access to 1 bedroom only. When booking for 3-4  guests, you will have access to the second bedroom. When booking for 5-6 guests, you will have access to the third bedroom".


Description changes can be requested through the Property tab > View your descriptions.


Kind regards,

Shirley E.

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Wolfgang


So here is the thing, when you only rent a room, then the expectation is the Guest  gets the Room(s) booked plus use of the shared bathroom, shared kitchen, shared  living room, tv room, garden etc..


And yes you can have different Guest in separate rooms, that exactly how I do mine.


The way I do it is, for each room, I use a different Room Type name fro mthe drop down.

e.g. Standard Double room, Delux Double room.


Unfortunately BdC do not give option to make custom room type names, which would be the ideal.

But since these are just labels and do NOT mean anything by themselves, there is no expectation for them to be significently different standards.


So long as you make the room details, photos, tags ,etc identical,  and or stipulate what is in each one. That way the guest cannot turn around and say - oh this is not as advertised'.


Make each room {type} have only its own photos attached. and make at least 4-5 from different angles and corners.


So at end of day you either list as whole unit, or you list by room , or occupancy based rate.


As to how to deal with  spare unused rooms not booked.

Invest in smart locks or physcial multiple key lock boxes.


multiple key lock boxes:

For each room mount a keylock box nearby, with each having a different code. Poster on  bedroom door for Room name or number.

When you send the guest the front door code or key collection info , include ... for your booking of only 2 or 3 rooms, Rooms #101 , 102, the keylock box codes are 4578 & 7689.




Kind Regards