How to add a certificate for agrotourism to my property


i have joined booking.com several months ago and currently experiencing some difficulties. I have acquired 3 Spighe per agriturismo (italian equivalent to stars in a hotel) for agrotourism, and acquired a certificate confirming the same. Now i would like to add it to my property. Please advice the way how may i do it.

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hi Muraveva Natalia , welcome to the Community and congratulations for such a nice award! Currently available we can assign stars if the hotel is certificated, or we assign quality rate to certain types of accomodations such as Villas, Vacation Homes and Apartments. In your case, you can try to send a request via the Inbox messages attaching the certificate, and see if anything can be done from our side. We can always suggest you to add this information to your Host Profile. Good luck!