How to add occupancy rate in calender

How to add occupancy rate in calender of rate and plans

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Shine Chinnan


As most of us will repeatedly say.. do not over complicate it, just sell as one unit or one room depending on the property type.


In case of a property when you are not selling by room, just treat it as one unit.


You will have less stress and more time to handle the important things than pulling your hair out over trying to manage the nightmare this would be.


Rate Plans in combination with Room Details/bed Options and then the Calendar List view are the crux of what you need to setup for both scenarios.




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If you still want to talk to a BdC Support Advisor simply go to Inbox, Booking Messages, click on Contact Us.


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Community Admin 4 years ago

Dear Shine Chinnan! Thanks for posting in the Community!


The button to "Edit" occupancy pricing can be found on the Calendar: on the left, just under the rate name (i.e. Standard rate, Non-Refundable rate).


Best regards!