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How to amend 'what's nearby' fields?


I finally published my profile yesterday and am keen to add the local sights/activities to the 'what's nearby' page. The only fields available at the moment are restaurants/cafes, supermarkets and then mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches, ski lifts. Does anyone know whether it's possible to amend for example the 'mountain' field to 'national trust properties' or 'cycling routes' etc....? Hampshire has so much to offer but doesn't fit the headings provided. I'd be very grateful for any pointers. Thank you so much. 


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Thuild - Your … 4 years ago

Dear Lisa,

It's pretty standard what BDC offers as nearby places. I can barely use anything from there because the important places don't fit any criteria they provide.

You can make a suggestion to them directly at the bottom of the page, with provide feedback button.

Maybe they will do something about it sometime.


Zsolt -

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Lisaebarber 4 years ago

Thanks for the clarification. I thought I was missing something obvious but it appears not.