How a booking has happened and how can I cancel it

My cottage is on Airbnb and Booking.com.  The calanders are syned.  The Air bnb calander has been blanked off for the lockdown. 

I have just received a booking for 3 people from tm for 4 days.  I do not want this booking as I had thought the calanders are blocked off and would not allow a booking.

I am redecorating the cottage in this time. So no one can stay.

I have written to the guest to say please do not come.  How do I ensure they 1) dont come 2) get their money back.

How is booking.com allowing people to book during a lockdown?

BrookAve 3 years ago

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There is no such thing as Cal Sync, no matter what you see on here.

There are Channel Manager 3rd party web based solutions to solve this.

nobeds, cloudbeds, enviivo , siteminder etc...


There will never be a proper sync nor semi-real time, and will always result in bookings.


Assuming the guest also prepaid BdC , once you complete the steps below it will trigger the BdC system to refund 100% the payment. (Online payments  or Payments by Booking).



You can try my cancel procedure first and if they dont want to cancel I suggest you find them somewhere else or ring Partner Support (see guide below) and have them look after it.


Quick Guide :

  • Open the reservation details page  
  • On right pane click Request Cancel  
  • If you actually want to agree to 100% refund then just select OPTION 2.  
  • BdC System will notifi Guest  
  • Guest must then click on a confirmation link in the notification.  
  • Once confirmed System if prepaid to BdC, will process a 100% refund back to their payment source, within 10 days.


Literally that simple.


The only typical time you cannot use this, is when the Request Cancel is greyed out.


That is usually because of :

  • Too close to check-in date /time
  • After check-out date or check -in.


Else phone BdC Support if the guest does not action the notification after 3-5 days.



Side Note: if you enable Deposits, and they do not pay the deposit within X hours or x days, you can use option 1 on the Request Cancel to void the booking. Then phone BdC Support when its very close to check in date and they will manually void it for you.

Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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