How can I change my star rating?

I set my star rating when I first listed my property, I was new to BC at the time

how can I change the star rating once it’s live?


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pibomarco 5 years ago

By contacting booking.com support via extranet.net.

monet208 5 years ago

That accommadation providers can give and change their own star rating is a farce in the UK

Review systems help guests but review systems can has serious flaws and favour the guests

Owners self assess because 1. It saves them money as to be assessed by VE costing a minimum of £320 and 2, They have to be assessed by an fully trained and experienced Inspector who goes through every room with a fine tooth comb even checking behind furniture and in cabinet cases by taking draws out and checking inside the casing

Why do you think there are few 5 star assessed properties and a lower number of 4 star ones

4 stars is the maximum an owner can self assess at,thank god,and its well known 75% of those who give themselves 4 stars would not get even 3 if officially inspected

Moves are about to ensure every property has to meet a basic level,besides those legally in place at the moment.

This will be good for guests and good for the many hotels with official star ratings and those who self assess honestly and remove those 4 star ratings from providers who would be lucky to get 2 stars and give us all a bad name

Info 5 years ago

how can i edit my stars level on my property???i want to change my stars level of my 5stars level to 2stars on my property...

Fom 4 years ago

Hallo there and i am also concerned to know about the same how i can change the star rating of our property.



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pibomarco 4 years ago

By contacting booking.com support via extranet.

Shashi munga 1 year ago

Please change me my hotel property Star 4  hotel