How can I get automatic notification to an email every time a new booking is made?

I have a PMS that manages rates and availability that is connected with booking.com and a new booking shows in my system, but I would like to get an email notification of a new booking for new bookings. How do I set this up in booking.com?

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Donna Luxford 5 years ago

Hi Jcampbell. Go to your extranet and then click on "property tab" then click on "messaging preferences". It should automatically go to your email when someone books anyway I wouldve thought? Or have you downloaded the "pulse app"? It would show on there also. If I am not correct then I am sure someone else will be able to tell you. :-) all the best.

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Fatma Ali 5 years ago

I second Donna on this but there are times when you do not receive any notifications at all due to Extranet system outage. Once such day was 26th May, 2018. All the reservations were pilled up in the system with us knowing about them. We had a few cancellation come in because guest did not receive booking confirmation notification.