How can I organise a surprise treat/gift in the room?

Id like to be able to help a guest to organise a special surprise/treat in the room from one guest to the other ie: champagne on ice - bouquet of flowers - a teddy for the child your travelling with? - I do have an option for this on my website but cannot show my website? How can I bring this idea to future guests. I would also like to offer an home cooked evening meal delivered to their room, or an afternoon Cream tea. Plus other hospitality ideas I have. How can I display all of this?

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4 years ago

Hi there,

Thanks for your post, what a lovely idea that is.

I'm sure that other partners will be able to share their thoughts with you on this subject.

Look forward to your next post,


Info 4 years ago

Yes Katerinka, it would be a chargeable service. Price dependent on the service/gift etc.

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

"from one guest to the other"

Are you sure you run hotel, not a dating agency? He he

Well, if I am the guest, I often order something that I don't actually need, if I see that my order will make others people day.

Let's see how you can do that:

1) menu

It can be simple such as printed on the A4 paper and laminated. Put it in every room

2) items exposure

Just like mini bar, you can have other items exposed in the rooms (with price on it) such as teddy bears, chocolates, etc When you see something that can touch and eat, it speeds up the decision to order

3) photo session

Make pictures of items even if you don't have a budget for professional photographer (which is the best), as bottles of champagnes with roses are picture perfect

4) Instagram

Make compositions and group pictures of your items for sale. Look for Gregas pictures on Instagram as an example. Do not copy, just add something on your own. Cards with positive and inspiring thoughts, for example. Child embracing a teddy bear should warm the hearts... Think Instagramable

5) welcome message

Give link to your IG or FB in welcome message. If you don't have yet, describe with words, for example: We wish you a pleasant and memorable stay. To keep your memories alive you can order during your stay: flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, etc just contact your host to order

6) advertising on Booking

Easieast way is to expose pictures with either items, packages or words. Use text on photo such as BeFunky

7) other platforms

Airbnb and Facebook are the best. Google business page

8) Other ways for income

Try Airbnb experience, may be it will work for you. I hope!

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Mashi Niwarthana 4 years ago

What a lovely surprise..!! Even it's a chargeable service it's really lovely.

Cheers from SriLanka

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Justmyself100 4 years ago

No sure if it is a lovely surprise. If I receive a gift, it is a gift and I would not expect a bill for it.

A suggestion for you that I do:

It is just the little things you do that make the difference and stand out from the rest, good coffees, brewed, filtered, different teas, hand made soaps, leaving a lovely box of quality biscuits and quality hand creams and bubble bath salts.

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

Yes, surprise should be free of charge, if they come from the host. If they come from the guest, there should be a charge for it.

What you do might not be a good solution for others hosts because everyone have different budget and so called "stars". For instance, we don't have bath for bubble bath salts :)

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

Where do you get your handmade soaps? Handmade soaps should mean 5 stars :)

Info 4 years ago

If someone lets me know it's their anniversary or birthday, I put up one of those signs either in their room or at breakfast. I also try to have candles on hand to put in a muffin at breakfast. We are kind of far from a florist but we could have flowers here if they let us know ahead of time and their would be an extra charge for that.


Cape Chin Bed and Breakfast

Jappie van der Heide 4 years ago

Great ideas. I sometimes take guests from the station to our accommodation. Especially when the guests are a little bit older that is very much appreciated. And the little things in the room help a lot. I do not charge for those things, but I can imagine that if you have a possibility to order extra services, that you can charge for that. You could always post pictures with your accommodation showing your extra services... through booking you can start a conversation with your guest as well offering extra services..

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Martina Stoecker 4 years ago

Good day everybody,

some nice ideas here.

We offer free coffee/tea/cookies and water as well as all amenities - hand soap, body creme, shampoo, conditioner and bath foam - all in nice, good looking dispensers mounted to the wall. We got away from the small gift bottles, this was always such a mess and plastic waste. As mall bag with some utensils like make up remover pads etc. is a nice addition.

By confirming our reservations I'm kindly asking for some more information. In case of a special occasion - like Honeymoon, anniversary or Birthday I'll surprise the guests with fresh flowers, a bottle of Champagne (sometimes alc free) or a cake, candle lights, rose pedals, and so on.... This information is very important for me, the same as any special dietaries for breakfast - so I know upfront if there are any allergies or non likes. I am prepared and don't get stressed.

Like this morning - the husband wanted to surprise his wife with a birthday cake - so there we go - a lovely cake we organized freshly baked and candle light standing on the breakfast table - unexpected.

I'm asking in my confirmation e-mail for restaurant reservation for the first evening if they stay longer, and if they have been in the area before - so I am very well prepared as they arrive. Some of the guests ask then upfront for outdoor adventures, places to visit or restaurant recommendations or for all before they arrive to plan their stay.

For me this is more than a gift in the room....... because all in all rounded up it makes their stay a memorable one with a perfect service....

Sunny greetings to all


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Juancsandoval 4 years ago

It is incredible idea, always to surprise guests.The unexpected is a value that surprise guest in a positve way.I have welcome them with a mojito or a margarita or sometimes beers.These drinks are really appreciate, considered the idea in Santa Marta, Colombia is very hot.We do once in a while and it reflect in a psotive review.

Yes, when we do the surprise, it is free of charge.When they requested, of course we charge it.

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Beryl Kristen 4 years ago


Awesome ideas shared here :)

We don't leave fancy surprises in the guests bedrooms, but we do offer them non alcohol cool juice drinks of our local produces once they settled in which they very much appreciated and excited to taste.

Or even give them a taste of our local foods.

We don't charge them for all those it was on the house.

But we do offer them transport from the airport for extra costs but often it was requested by them.

Thank you for sharing your fantastic ideas